Dième is a passionate team with expertise in social media & digital marketing, brand identity and design. We work with established brands, start-ups and individuals across eCommerce and service-based industries. As a boutique agency, I personally manage all client engagement and clients have direct access to me.

I founded Dième Agency to support ambitious brands that share our value of tasteful design and meaningful marketing. I built my dream business with Instagram and I believe that with the right approach to marketing, success is possible for anyone.

What really sets us apart is that we're obsessed with what we do, what others consider work is our playground, and we are constantly learning to stay at the forefront of the ever changing digital realm.

Why Dième?

thrill seeker

big ideas


serial plant killer

My mission

My job is to help brands communicate their values and rise above the noise through
strategy & premium design.

Client Testimonials

I could not recommend Loan enough! Loan worked on my website to get a higher conversion sale rate which worked! Loan also taught me everything I need to know about running a successful Facebook ads campaign.

- Ben Whitcroft, eCommerce founder

Loan was so helpful with teaching me more about FB ads! I had some amount of prior knowledge but kept finding it impossible to get my head around everything involved. I'm now 109788% more confident in making my own ads.

- Matea Gluščević, Done by Matea

Loan is extremely knowledgeable on her subject matter and it's evident that she has a lot of experience with implementing digital marketing strategies.

- Maria Sortino, eCommerce founder

Loan gave me pin-pointed, strategic and easy-to-follow advice for my business on Instagram. These small changes and tweaks to my profile made huge differences to my reach, following, brand trust and ultimately conversions.

- Anna, eCommerce founder

I have really struck gold with this awesome lady!!! As a business with a niche vision, I needed someone to help me enhance that and really elevate my ideas. Loan could have not made my life any easier and have given my brand’s online identity something special.

- Linda Pham, eCommerce founder

A strategy session with Loan was honestly the best use of an hour of my time! I learnt so much in our session about social media and how I can use social media more effectively to grow my business!

- Harriet Jackson, Coach

Loan's absolutely fantastic. Her recommendations are clear, straight forward and so easy to follow. I can already see results which have directly come from her strategies. If you are a business owner looking for social media marketing guidance I would 10/10 recommend! 

- Alexa Fink, Vera Fleur

Loan's mentoring helped me to understand how to let people know about our products while still maintaining my own voice and not being overly pushy.The feedback she has given me on our marketing has made a huge difference. She articulated issues that I could sense but not understand fully.

- Carolyn Newall, Consultant


Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Started my first business selling second-hand apparel

Received a full scholarship to attend university in Australia


Failed secondary school's entrance exam. Started learning English more intensively


Attended boarding school in Shropshire, UK



the turning point



Graduated from university with a Dean's Scholar in Business & Marketing


Immersed myself in the business world - creating product, pitching, etc


Supported, educated and mentored over 250 business owners in Australia


Worked in marketing for agencies, hospitality, startups


Started offering social media and consulting services online


  started        marketing

My life in a nutshell

I'm obsessed with food and constantly on the hunt for the best squid ink pasta. I've swam with sharks & seals in the wild and encountered wolves in the Italian Alps.

- tennis legend Billie Jean King 

Made in Vietnam,
currently based in Australia

During tough times in business, I look to elite tennis players and think - what would they do when they have a bad season? Do they choose comfort or do they persevere?

The resounding answer is: they do everything it takes to STAY.IN.THE.GAME.
They fight HARD for their dream.


Fun Facts ABOUT ME

Tennis obsessed


Types of speaking engagements: webinar host, podcasts, team training, virtual and in-person events.

I’ve spoken about: grow your business on Instagram, build a holistic marketing system for small businesses, email marketing automation, Meta ads.

Book me to speak

3 ways I can personally support you

Need expert marketing advice that is simple, easy to DIY and gets REAL results? In one-hour with me, you'll get personalised advice to start seeing results with your marketing.
You'll leave the session with clarity, confidence and a clear step-by-step action plan. 

Intensive 1:1 Coaching

Tired of wasting time and money on ad hoc marketing efforts that bring no meaningful results? It's time we chat.

I've helped over 250 business owners create a comprehensive marketing system to build their brand, drive sales while removing the chance of wasting their precious time & money.

Strategy Development